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James has over 25 years steel industry experience in a variety of market-focused roles. He heads CRU’s finished steel analysis team, providing thought leadership and guidance across flat products, long products and industry decarbonisation, including green steel.

Prior to joining CRU, James worked for Tata Steel where he fulfilled a number of commercial roles in the UK and the Netherlands. As well as being a member of the UK strip products commercial management team, James has worked in both strategic and operational marketing roles. Industry experience includes managing market insight, price policy, forecasting and strategy.

James joined CRU in 2017 and managed CRU’s sheet steel and long products forecast services before moving to his current role.

He holds a BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry from Aston University and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Articles by our industry expert


CRUsteav: A value for emissions abatement on the road to green steel

CRU has launched its Steel Emissions Abatement Value (CRUsteav), a calculation of the value of CO2 emissions reduction. CRUsteav can act as an input for decisions on...

06 March 2024   
Topics: Emissions, Steel, Steelmaking Raw Materials, Sustainability


Outlook for 2023

Topics: Economics, Steel, Sustainability