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Garrett joined CRU Consulting in October 2019. He is a consultant with a background in political science and economics.

Previously, Garrett spent four years at Indiana University of Pennsylvania obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics. He has previous work experience at the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, where he researched the potential changes that the gig economy may have on traditional employment benefits in the United States.

He has contributed to CRU Consulting projects in steel raw materials, sulphate of potash, as well as aluminium.

Articles by our industry expert

Lithium iron phosphate motorcycle battery

Case study

The new challenge of pricing phosphates for LFP battery production

Our client, a major phosphates producer, was interested in gaining a better understanding of how to price phosphorus units used in the production of lithium iron phosphate...

15 November 2023   
Topics: Lithium, Phosphates