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Ceylan joined as Asset Valuation Lead in May 2023, based in London as a member of the Base Metals Leadership Team. Ceylan takes ownership of our Value Creation programme as well as the commercialisation of our broader valuation capabilities.

Ceylan is a Chartered Geologist with 20 years of experience in the exploration and development of minerals projects, with a particular focus on nickel, lead, zinc, copper and gold. Most recently, Ceylan was an associate at CSA Global and Wardell Armstrong International, where she led the financial valuation of mineral projects and operating assets and the delivery of exploration audits, competent persons reports and other technical reports. Ceylan is also a member of the Committee involved in the preparation of Turkey’s first Mineral Properties Valuation Code, which was published in December 2022. Prior to this, Ceylan accumulated a wealth of operational experience as a senior geologist developing nickel laterite projects in Turkey and Albania.

Ceylan has an MBA from Yasar University and a BSc in Geological Engineering from the Middle East Technical University.