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Willis Thomas

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Rare insight. Rare perspective. Rare earths.

Accelerating demand, unpredictable processing costs, and the spectre of trade barriers – wherever you are in the rare earths value chain, an experienced, trusted guide has never been more vital.

With more than three decades of experience to look back on, our view of the rare earths sector is unrivalled. And our ability to contextualise rare earths within the wider metals and mining industry using robust, proven methodologies, has proved invaluable for clients across the globe.

Leaders in the sustainability agenda, we have a fluent understanding of the automotive and power industries, the emerging battery technologies that are driving demand, and the challenges of mixed-basket extraction. From feasibility to finance, and from mining to refining, manufacture, and beyond – you can rely on our insight and analysis to help you make the most of the opportunities you have and plot a course towards the opportunities you need next.


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Why choose CRU?

A trusted guide to businesses across the globe, our long-term perspective and deep understanding mean we help clients at every point in the rare earths value chain:

  • Active in rare earths since 1985, we have a deep understanding of the sector and a clear view of the direction it is taking. This makes us the ideal trusted guide to this compelling market
  • Our cost model is tried and tested, and our well-respected methodology is used across the industry, helping to frame rare earths in the wider metals markets and across the value chain
  • Our full automotive industry model understanding, and net-zero carbon expertise bring a clear perspective of the demand for rare earths right now, and in the future
  • Because we know first-hand the challenges of extracting the most value from rare earths, we’re well-placed to advise on business feasibility and financing
  • Our work helping to drive the sustainability agenda for the metals and mining industry makes us an ideal guide to this vital emerging reality 
  • Present on-the-ground in China, we have an intimate understanding of trade barriers and their market impact.
  • Our new acquisition of Exawatt gives us further insight and expertise into critical commodities and electrification technologies, resulting in a united force to reshape the future of sustainable energy solutions on a global scale.
How we help
  • Feasibility studies based on current and future supply and demand
  • An experienced view across the metals and mining industry to help quantify the real costs of mixed basket extraction
  • Help building business cases and negotiating key finance
  • Cost modelling using tried and tested methodology
  • Access to latest rare earth news articles and analysis
  • Insights, analysis and reporting across neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and terbium prices.

CRU Rare Earths

  • Dysprosium
  • Neodymium
  • Non-magnet rare earths
  • Praseodymium
  • Terbium


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Rare Earths Team

  • Willis Thomas

    Head of CRU+ London
  • Rebecca Gordon

    Chief Executive Officer, CRU Consulting London
  • Victor Rodriguez

    Head of Consulting, EMEIA London
  • Sam Adham

    Head of Battery Materials London
  • Jessica Alves

    Consultant Sydney

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