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Welcome to CRU, the world's leading independent authority on the global mining, metals and fertilizer sectors. Founded 50 years ago, CRU is a business with a proud history and ambitious plans for the future.

CRU's reputation with customers is for integrity, reliability, independence and authority. We are known for the quality of our work – our data, our views, our models – and this quality is based on our twin commitment to primary research and robust, transparent methodologies.

Our teams focus on helping customers make important business decisions by delivering market outlooks, price assessments, cost analysis, consulting and events. Our central services team plays an important role in supporting these activities.

Commodity markets are an exciting sector to work in as they bring together a great diversity of specialisms, such as economists, mathematicians, geologists, metallurgists, chemists and engineers.

Read on to understand the CRU business better, to see who we are, what we believe in, why CRU is a great place to work, and how you could develop your career here.

David Trafford,
Chief Executive Officer, CRU Group

Why CRU?

At CRU we work in a dynamic environment, alongside world experts and at an international level. There is a strong ethos around continuous learning and respecting good work-life balance, with many opportunities to grow your knowledge and network. We offer self-directed development programmes, travel and secondments, as well as a variety of career opportunities across functions and specialisms. 

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