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CRU’s Energy Storage Technology and Cost Service 

The combination of research from CRU, Exawatt and PVEL offers subscribers a unique outlook on technology, price, cost, policy, and commodity analysis. This multidisciplinary team of technical experts is located across the globe, including a long-standing presence in China, Europe, and North America

We combine a detailed understanding of raw materials with unparalleled battery cell and system cost modelling, along with technical expertise in policy and solar, carbon and energy markets. Together we understand both the granular details and the broader context, of what is driving energy storage markets. With extensive insight into technology, meticulous data accuracy, transparent research methods and in-depth knowledge of manufacturing costs, we offer unparalleled data and analysis capabilities, empowering businesses to make strategic decisions in the battery energy storage space.

Key Features of the Energy Storage Technology and Cost Service 

  • A five-year forecast of battery energy storage systems and battery costs and prices, supported by detailed analysis of cost and price drivers.
  • Global battery energy storage systems supply and demand forecasting. 
  • Detailed manufacturing cost breakdowns, with analysis of key input costs including lithium, cathode materials, anode materials, separators, conductive foils and electrolytes​.
  • Detailed analysis of policy and trade developments, initiatives, and regulations. 
  • Technology comparisons of existing and emerging energy storage technologies, including manufacturing cost, energy density, cycle life and other relevant metrics.
Our Energy Storage Technology and Cost Service drills into each step of the supply chain.


The knowledge from CRU, Exawatt and PVEL provides an unrivalled view of the full stationary energy storage supply chain. It is critical for stakeholders to understand the evolution of technology and its implications, such as the emergence of sodium-ion batteries as a potential alternative to incumbent lithium-ion solutions.

To support informed procurement or investment decisions, we scrutinize every step of the supply chain. Our technological roadmaps provide subscribers with an understanding of the costs and prices of existing and new technologies, their market outlooks, and a detailed understanding of performance metrics. The Energy Storage Technology and Cost service equips subscribers with the data and insight needed to make informed decisions about the energy storage market and guides them on where costs and prices are heading.

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The Energy Storage Technology and Cost Service enables strategic decision-makers, offers a view of the stationary energy storage supply chain and focuses on battery technologies. It forecasts changes in technology prices and costs and shapes the future for manufacturers, end-users, and related stakeholders.

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For an in-depth view of the coverage within the Energy Storage Technology and Cost Service, download the brochure.

Why choose the Energy Storage Technology and Cost Service?

Clean energy landscape

Renewable Energy Developers, Operators and EPCs

Predict shifts in stationary energy storage technologies, cost, and performance.

Gain a competitive edge with our Energy Storage Technology and Cost Service, offering a comprehensive understanding of current and future trends affecting the global stationary energy storage supply chain. Our modelling of competing and disruptive technologies empowers effective planning, allowing you to anticipate changes in stationary energy storage demand, performance, availability, prices, and costs.

Our high-caliber data and analysis provides detailed information on production capacity, supply and demand dynamics, and insights into emerging supply-chain bottlenecks. Stay ahead of market changes, make informed decisions on technology investments and access intelligence that equips you to confidently navigate the complexities of a continuously changing environment.

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Battery Manufacturers

Leverage insights into stationary energy storage for agile procurement, competitive intelligence, and strategic.

With a nuanced understanding of regional and technical trends, you can optimize your purchasing strategies and adapt to changes in component costs. Our comprehensive knowledge of the entire battery supply chain will assist you in making informed procurement decisions, staying competitive, sourcing components, and managing material risks. 

CRU’s data ensures improved risk management, robust cost planning, and sound purchasing strategies, with competitive intelligence to identify challenges posed by rival technologies.

Our insight empowers informed decisions for short- and long-term investments, facilitating strategic business planning.

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Line graphs

Policymakers and Influencers

Plan regionally for global battery adoption and refine your stationary energy storage initiatives.

Develop a global perspective on battery value chains, technology trends and policies, enabling you to forecast the impact storage costs will have on energy markets. 

Our service guides how competing energy storage technologies will evolve, interact, and identifies key global players. Recognize over and undersupply to minimize risks in your region’s supply chains. Our data and insight on stationary energy storage provide national and international policy makers with the context needed to design the structures essential to support the transition to renewable-rich energy grids.

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Stock market data

Investors and Financial Institutions

Know where to target your stationary energy storage investments.

We help you identify investments, clients, and technologies in the energy storage supply chain that are positioned for long-term growth and help to distinguish from those that are not. With the help of the Energy Storage Technology and Cost Service, you can efficiently manage investment risks and client investments. Stay ahead in the industry by identifying growth potential, navigating new markets and technologies, and tracking the dynamic energy storage landscape.

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Solar panels and wind turbines

Utilities and Power Generators

Understand the trajectory of energy storage costs and technologies.

The need for stationary energy storage will grow rapidly as grids shift towards renewable sources. Stationary storage applications will be increasingly essential to ensure grid stability. The Energy Storage Technology and Costs Service provides insights into costs and technology evolution, enabling you to understand trends in this burgeoning market.

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Energy Storage Technology and Cost Service Team

  • Edward Rackley

    Head of Energy Storage London
  • Sam Adham

    Head of Battery Materials London
  • Martin Jackson

    Martin Jackson

    Head of Battery Raw Materials London
  • Linda Zhang

    Battery Material APAC Lead Singapore
  • Aaron Wade

    Head of Battery Costs London