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Some say price assessment is a thankless task. There is a grain of truth in that statement. When buyers and sellers use prices to settle physical or financial contracts, there will almost always be one counterparty who would like the published number to be something different.

When the industry trusts and accepts your independent assessments, they will increasingly become commonplace in contracts. And that is what we are seeing across the globe: more and more companies are choosing to price off Fertilizer Week assessments for urea, phosphates, ammonia, sulphur and other products.

The heart of this trust is a detailed and transparent methodology. At Fertilizer Week, price assessment and accurate market reporting is the core of what we do. We follow our methodology and explain how we arrive at the published price. We understand our position of responsibility. We take our role in the market seriously. Our customers can trust what we do.

Breaking market and pricing news first
Our team of 10 market reporters and price assessors ensures you receive the latest market and industry information as soon as it happens. We aim to be first with market-moving news on the pricing and trade of physical fertilizer cargoes from across the globe.

Price assessments you can trust
We conform to the highest standards of price assessment. Our rigorous, transparent and detail methodology means Fertilizer Week prices are increasingly embedded in industry contracts and used to settle physical and financial fertilizer trades.

Comprehensive Coverage

Market analysis
Our editors and reporters bring a fresh perspective to the markets in a weekly analysis of the most significant developments.

Expert global team
We have specialists covering the globally-traded markets in urea, ammonia, nitrates, phosphates, potash, sulphur and sulphuric acid. Our team has a wealth of experience from in- and outside the fertilizer industry.. We have six reporters in London, and an expanded global team based in Washington, Norway, Beijing and Mumbai, ensuring we have local experts in key fertilizer regions.

Primary Research 
Our price assessors are in constant contact with a wide network of key industry buyers, sellers and traders by phone and electronically. This network is constantly reviewed and expanded to ensure a balance of buyers and sellers, and actual activity in the market. 

Fertilizer Week prices are embedded in contracts
Many of our customers use Fertilizer Week prices as benchmarks in their physical contracts. To ensure you have the right commercial licence with us to please contact us.


Ben Farey, Editor-in-Chief

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