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CRU’s Lithium Asset Service offers the comprehensive insights you need to understand market dynamics, optimise costs, and make strategic investment decisions.

The lithium market is poised for significant growth, driven by its critical role in lithium-ion batteries for the EV sector. However, the industry faces several challenges, including volatile price fluctuations and market uncertainties. These complexities demand a robust analytical approach to uncover opportunities and mitigate risks.

Unlock value with comprehensive analysis and actionable insights

At CRU, we are uniquely positioned to support you in tackling these challenges. Our Lithium Asset Service provides detailed insights into production costs, operational efficiencies, and market trends within the lithium sector that helps you and navigate market complexities with confidence. 


Why choose the Lithium Asset Service

  • Detailed analysis of production costs and market trends specific to lithium pegmatite assets.
  • Understand the full spectrum of lithium production, from cost dynamics to product quality.
  • Identify opportunities for cost optimisation and assess investment viability with confidence.
  • Leverage our deep knowledge of the battery market to gain a unique perspective and holistic view, enabling you to navigate industry dynamics more effectively.
  • Benefit from our web-based Asset Platform and API integration for real-time, standardised data access.
  • Enhanced data accessibility, visualisation and seamless integration with CRU DataLab and API delivery.

Lithium Asset Service Brochure

CRU’s Lithium Asset Service gives a comprehensive view of Lithium production, providing granular insight into production costs and market trends specific to pegmatite assets.

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Make better-informed decisions based on reliable and standardised data with CRU's Lithium Asset Service.

Lithium producers

Enhance your strategic planning with our in-depth benchmarking tools. Compare your operations against industry peers to identify areas for cost optimisation and efficiency improvements.

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging CRU's insights to streamline your processes and maintain a strong market position.

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Make well-informed investment decisions with our comprehensive data-driven insights. Evaluate the viability of potential investments by understanding detailed cost structures and revenue potential.

CRU's analysis helps you to clarify risk factors and identify high-return opportunities, ensuring your investment strategies are robust and informed.


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Concentrate buyers for refineries

Optimise your procurement strategy with our detailed analysis of lithium asset cost dynamics and product quality. Gain the upper hand in negotiations by understanding the true value and quality of the concentrates you are purchasing.

CRU's insights help you to secure competitive terms and manage market volatility effectively, ensuring a stable supply chain.


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Trading and commerce

Manage and mitigate risks in the volatile lithium market with our comprehensive asset performance data. Identify profitable and high-quality assets to expand your trading portfolio.

Explore new trading opportunities with confidence, backed by our detailed market analysis and forecasts. CRU's service provides you with the knowledge needed to make strategic trading decisions and capitalise on market movements.


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Research and analysis

Dive deep into the lithium industry with our extensive and standardised data. Our service provides you with a thorough understanding of the industry's cost structure and market trends.

Use CRU's insights to support your research and analysis, whether for academic purposes, market reports, or internal strategic planning. Our data helps you to draw accurate conclusions and provide authoritative insights.


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CRU Lithium Team

  • Fernando Zevallos Sulca

    Senior Analyst Battery Raw Materials Assets London
  • Sam Adham

    Head of Battery Materials London
  • Martin Jackson

    Martin Jackson

    Head of Battery Raw Materials London
  • Alex Laugharne

    Principal Consultant London
  • Xiaowei Mei

    Senior Battery Demand Analyst Shanghai

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