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CRU’s Solar Technology and Cost Service

The Solar Technology and Cost Service, provides a full view of the solar photovoltaic (PV) supply chain, from key raw materials to final modules, analysing changes in technology and manufacturing cost that will define the future for manufacturers, end users and investors. The combined knowledge of Exawatt, PVEL and CRU create the data and insight needed to make informed decisions about the future of the solar market. The service contains detailed technology comparisons, including price and manufacturing cost forecasts, module efficiency forecasts, details of policies and trade developments, the impacts of initiatives and regulations, and aggregated module reliability and performance test data.

The Solar Technology and Cost Service enables organisations to make near-term operational decisions and manage their long-term strategies.

Key Features of the Solar Technology and Cost Service

  • Five-year price indicators and forecast

  • Quarterly module datasheet survey, covering key performance metrics including efficiency, temperature coefficient, bifaciality, warrantied degradation and content analysis with module architecture, module form factor, wafer formats
  • Manufacturing cost breakdowns, with analysis of key input costs including polysilicon, aluminium, and silver

  • Technology comparisons, including manufacturing cost and module efficiency forecasts

  • Policy and trade developments, initiatives, and regulations, and their effects

  • Aggregated module reliability and performance test data

Our Solar Technology and Cost Service drills into each step of the supply chain.

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Discover how CRU’s Solar Technology and Cost Service can enable strategic decision-making through our granular analysis of each step of the full solar supply chain, connecting the upstream with the downstream.

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For an in-depth view of the coverage within the Solar Technology and Cost Service, download the brochure.

Why choose the Solar Technology and Cost Service?

Solar Developers, Operators and EPCs, Two solar operators assessing solar panels

Solar Developers, Operators and EPCs

Pre-empt shifts in global module supply, cost and performance

We provide clear and timely insight into the current and future trends that will affect the global solar supply chain. With our modelling of competing and disruptive technologies, you can plan effectively, anticipating shifts in module demand, performance, supply availability and cost. CRU’s high-calibre data and analysis will provide you with module manufacturing capacity forecasts, offering perspective into supply-chain bottlenecks.

Stay ahead of market changes and make informed decisions on technology investments. Access intelligence that equips you to confidently plan for economic success in a complex and continuously changing environment.

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Module Manufacturers, Solar Manufacturing site

Module Manufacturers

Stay ahead of the competition

With an understanding of regional and technical trends, you can better target your purchasing and understand changes to the costs of components. Our detailed understanding of the full solar supply chain helps you optimise procurement decisions, stay competitive, source components, and manage material risks. CRU’s data enables improved risk management, ensuring robust cost planning, and sound purchasing strategies. Our competitive intelligence identifies challenges posed by competitors. Moreover, our data empowers informed decisions for short and long-term investments.

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Policymakers, and empty room of a government office

Policymakers and Influencers

Plan regionally with a global perspective

Develop an international perspective on solar market landscapes, trends, and policies, enabling you to forecast the potential impact key technology evolutions will have, how widespread they will be, and who really are the global key players. Our insights will help both international and national policymakers with the perspectives needed to design the strategies and structures essential for the short- and long-term success of the world’s transition to carbon neutrality. Identify investment prospects, recognise over and undersupply, minimise risks in your region’s supply chains, and evaluate the economic opportunities that the solar sector will present for your jurisdiction.

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Investors, A stock chart of featuring a stable index.

Investors and Financial Institutions

Know where to target your investments

We help you to identify investments, clients, and technologies in the solar supply chain that are positioned for long-term growth and help to distinguish from those that are not. With the help of the Solar Technology and Cost Service, you can efficiently manage lending risks and client investments. Stay ahead in the industry by identifying growth potential, navigating new markets and technologies, and tracking the dynamic solar landscape.

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Utilities, equipment and installation of solar panels

Utilities and Power Generators

Negotiate using accurate data

The Solar Technology and Cost Service provides insights into solar cost and technology evolution, enabling you to understand trends, identify growth opportunities, assess demand, and navigate policy changes. Access accurate information to understand the trajectory of solar costs in the medium to long term.

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CRU's Acquisition of Exawatt

In 2023, CRU acquired Exawatt, renowned as a global provider of strategic consulting and research in solar PV, energy storage, power electronics, and electric vehicles. As a result, this acquisition provides customers with a holistic, joined-up view that better informs key decisions and progress around energy transition technologies and infrastructure. This is underpinned by a shared commitment to technical expertise, high-quality data, a rigorous approach to methodologies, and best-in-class cost analysis. 

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In partnership with

PVEL’s and Exawatt’s joint Solar Technology and Cost Report and Energy Storage Technology and Cost Report provide downstream buyers with the crucial market intelligence needed for successful project development and equipment procurement. The reports offer solar and storage stakeholders with bottom-up forecasts for PV and energy storage technologies, including up to 5-year price indicators, technology updates, and policy reviews.

Solar Technology and Cost Team

  • Molly Morgan

    Senior Research Analyst London
  • Alex Barrows

    Head of PV, Exawatt London
  • Maria Gonzalez

    Regional Director, Americas Pittsburgh
  • Charlie Durant

    Research Manager London
  • Alex Amin | CRU Analyst

    Alex Amin

    Analyst London

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