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CRU’s Specialty Phosphate Service

CRU’s Specialty Phosphate Service provides a full view of the high-grade emerging phosphate market. With data rich industry analysis, insight into the growth of the emerging Lithium Iron Phosphate sector, the role of phosphate within LFP, LFMP and the growth and demand for specialty phosphates, with over 50+ years of focus on commodities, CRU’s service gives unrivalled insight into the full phosphate supply chain.

Utilising our expertise across the battery supply chain with technology insight from Exawatt, CRU can unpack the complex mine-to market supply chains and comprehensive insight into upstream phosphate sourcing and downstream technology evolution.

The specialty phosphate service delivers a thorough investigation into the nuances of the supply chain, global and regional changes, and a granular identification of the technologies that will dictate future demand.

Key Features of the Specialty Phosphate Service

  • Price forecasts for key price benchmarks

  • Comprehensive insight on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery market, what growth here means for demand, and requirements for LFP quality.

  • Unique information on China, production, demand, capacity build-out and trade.

  • Industrial, Food and Animal Feed Phosphate data with purified phosphoric acid costs.

  • Growth in the water-soluble fertilizer market and what this means for tMAP demand.

Our Specialty Phosphate Service drills into each step of the supply chain.

Specialty Phosphate Service Brochure

Discover how CRU’s Specialty Phosphate Service can enable strategic decision making through our comprehensive data and analysis on high-grade emerging phosphate markets.

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For an in-depth view of the coverage within the Specialty Phosphate Service, download the brochure.

Why choose us?

Specialty Phosphate Service For Miners


Pre-empt shifts in phosphate raw material demand

We provide clear and timely insight into the current and future trends that will impact phosphate material markets. With our independent granular detail on phosphate market and phosphoric acid processing, you'll stay ahead of the curve, anticipating shifts in raw material flows and cost structures. CRU’s high calibre data and analysis will provide you with the micro-to-macro content that will give you unrivalled levels of transparency into LFP end use sectors, supply chain dynamics company strategy and market structure.

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Specialty Phosphate Service For Automotive OEMs

Automotive OEMs

Optimise purchasing and strategic decision making across the LFP value chain

Our uniquely integrated view of the global phosphate supply chain offers granular data on market supply and demand dynamics, enabling you to understand the competitive forces in the downstream phosphate market. CRU’s data provides comprehensive detail into phosphate raw material requirements and technical specifications required for LFP production. CRU enables improved risk management, helping future-proof contracts with suppliers, ensuring robust cost planning, and sound purchasing strategies. Our competitive intelligence identifies challenges posed by competitors. Moreover, our data empowers informed decisions on short and long-term investments.

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Specialty Phosphate Service For Financials


Drive financial growth with targeted phosphate investments

We help you to identify the competitive forces in the downstream phosphate market, get the full view on company strategy, market share and existing industry agreements. Positioned investments for long-term growth and help determine those that are not worth pursuing. With our solution, you can efficiently manage lending risks and client investments with a deep understanding of project viability. Stay ahead of the phosphate industry by identifying growth potential, navigating new markets, and tracking the dynamic LFP landscape including China.

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Specialty Phosphate Service For Technology Companies

Technology Companies

Streamline phosphate industry success with precision insights

Navigate the dynamic landscape of the phosphate industry effortlessly with our tailored solutions. Identify new capacity hotspots and key players, optimize raw material flows, and gain insights into industry cost structures for strategic decision-making. Our specialized focus on niche industries ensures a thorough understanding of competitive forces in the downstream phosphate market, allowing you to refine company strategy and secure market share. Trust our independent perspective to validate and test your internal assumptions, providing a clear view of the evolving phosphate demand from LFP. Stay ahead, stay informed, and drive your business forward with confidence.

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Specialty Phosphate Service For Feed Phosphate Producer

Feed Phosphate Producer

Identify lucrative investment specialty phosphate opportunities and proactively mitigate supply chain risks

CRU’s unique view of the global battery market landscape can help you plan with confidence using our comprehensive global insights. Stay ahead of trends, policies, and landscapes to understand the potential impact on your economy. Identify lucrative investment opportunities and proactively mitigate supply chain risks. With our expertise, adjust your modelling accurately to reflect dynamic changes in technology and operational costs. Equip yourself with the strategic foresight needed for both short and long-term success in the evolving battery and electric vehicle markets.

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Specialty Phosphate Service For Fertiliser Producer

Fertiliser Producer

Optimize global strategy for specialised phosphate markets with tailored downstream insight

Enhance your grasp of the downstream phosphate market dynamics with our tailored specialty phosphate service. Sharpen your company strategy and secure market share with insights into competitive forces, especially within smaller and niche industries. Optimize raw material flows and navigate existing industry arrangements and agreements for streamlined operations. Rely on our independent perspective to validate and test your internal assumptions, gaining clarity on the evolving phosphate demand from LFP. Additionally, gain a nuanced understanding of China's supply and demand dynamics, fortifying your position in this crucial market.

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Specialty Phosphate Service Team

  •  Humphrey Knight | CRU Senior Analyst, Potash

    Humphrey Knight

    Principal Analyst, Phosphate & Potash London
  • Mauricio Fortuna | CRU Analyst

    Mauricio Fortuna

    Analyst London
  • Ruming Yuan

    Phosphate Analyst, Fertilizers Beijing
  • Maria Gamboa

    Research Analyst London
  • Jennifer Willis-Jones

    Senior Markets Editor, Nitrogen London

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