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Stay ahead of the curve with CRU Asset Services

CRU's Asset Services offer comprehensive, granular coverage of mining, metals, and fertilizer production sites worldwide, providing detailed insights into costs, production, and emissions performance.

From detailed cost curves and reports, to robust asset benchmarking, our data and tools are tailored to optimise operations, mitigate risks and foster growth in today’s dynamic market.

The web-based Asset Platform  serves as the gateway to CRU’s Asset Services, offering seamless access to a comprehensive suite of costs, emissions and cost model data.

Integrated with the Asset Platform is CRU  DataLab, an analytical tool for data interrogation and visualisation, as well as API functionality, for effective data management and manipulation at scale. Data can be downloaded for easy integration into in-house systems, for efficient data-driven decision-making. Cross-organisational sharing of data is available with an enterprise license.


Gain insight and clarity

  • Access detailed bottom-up volume, cost, and technical data from our models in an easy-to-use, structured format for thorough understanding and benchmarking.
  • Modern UI design enables you to drill down quickly and easily into cost or emissions values, to understand underlying drivers such as inputs, material flows, and processes.
  • Stay informed with asset intelligence and commentary, including a comprehensive chronology of key events, recent news, and CRU insights online.

Analysis and comparison for informed decision-making

  • Instantly benchmark key parameters against industry standards with dynamic tables and curves, to get to intelligence, fast.
  • Compare cost curves against previous data releases with the release comparisons tool, tracking changes for informed decision-making.
  • Benchmark specific asset-level variables across commodities with cross-commodity analysis, for a broader perspective.

Integration for greater efficiency

  • Find all asset data and analysis conveniently in one centralised location, streamlining workflow.
  • Seamlessly search both asset and company profiles in a single, integrated platform, for quick and efficient analysis.
  • Explore, compare, and download asset-level data effortlessly with the comprehensive data catalogue, accessing costs, emissions, production, and technical parameters with ease.
  • Set up custom dashboards for automatic updates with every new CRU data release, meaning you always have the latest data view.

Advanced tools and flexibility to build custom views and scenarios

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding with in-depth cost reports, explaining various aspects of cost analysis.
  • Flex and save key scenarios with the scenario tool, understanding the impact on site cost positions with user-friendly, accessible online tools.
  • Flex carbon prices and allowances to compare their impact on different assets with carbon cost and flow tools, understanding full value chain carbon emissions.
  • Integrate seamlessly into in-house applications for enhanced functionality and accessibility, unlocking the full potential of your data.

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Navigate the complexities of the metals and mining industry with precision. Explore our comprehensive service offerings to uncover invaluable insights and drive informed decision-making.

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Make better-informed decisions based on reliable and standardised data with CRU's Asset Services.

Commodity producers

Strengthen stakeholder interactions, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive strategic decision-making with access to granular asset data, updates on recent developments and comprehensive emissions and cost metrics. Maximise your asset potential with CRU's Asset Services, delivering valuable insights into asset performance, market positioning, and competitor structures.

Leverage our tools to seamlessly showcase emissions positions, support investor relations, and streamline environmental approval processes while optimising operational efficiency and profitability.

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Investors, Bankers, and Creditors


Access and analyse in-depth asset data and intelligence to prepare market forecasts and recommendations. Gain insight into production data, cost structures and dynamics, for accurate analysis, benchmarking and forecasting. Up-to-date asset information supports client interactions and reinforces credit risk assessments.

Build, flex and save macroeconomic and price scenarios to understand the impact on costs for an asset and the overall cost curve in an easy-to-access online tool. Seamlessly download data at scale for input into in-house models.

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Policy makers

Empower your policy research and decision-making with CRU's Asset Services. Gain comprehensive insights into market trends and emissions sources through our detailed data downloads.

From bulk data downloads for modelling, to dynamic visualisations and easy integration with internal systems, we provide the data, tools and analysis to get to core insights that shape the way forward.

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Industry service providers

Gain deep insights into cost dynamics, emissions positions, and industry benchmarks to optimise operations, mitigate risks, and drive sustainable growth.

Seamlessly access key asset information and recent developments to enhance client interactions, support regulatory compliance, and streamline environmental approvals.

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Commodity traders

Access granular data and intelligence for asset analysis and benchmarking, to support market and industry forecasts, business development and strategic planning. Get a view of emissions data and curves and drill into data to understand the underlying drivers, to inform your supply chain planning and reporting, and to meet customer demand for lower-carbon products.

Build, flex and save macroeconomic and price scenarios to understand the impact on costs for an asset and the overall cost curve in an easy-to-access online tool. Seamlessly download data at scale for input into in-house models.

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CRU's Team of Analysts

  • Leonardo Meza

    Smelting & Refining Lead London
  • William Tankard

    Principal Analyst, Base Metals London
  • Joan Arratia

    Base Metals Emissions Lead London
  • Fernando Zevallos Sulca

    Senior Analyst Battery Raw Materials Assets London
  • James Birch

    Analyst - Smelting & Refining Assets London

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