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Martin Jackson leads CRU's battery raw material analysis, bringing together industry-leading knowledge on commodities affected by the rise of energy storage technologies and vehicle electrification.

Following a career as a geological consultant for the mining and mineral exploration industry across Africa and the Middle East, Martin joined CRU in 2018. 

Martin holds an MSc (Eng) in Mineral Economics from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, and a BSc in Economic Geology.

Articles from our industry expert


CRUx of it: How is the original (JPN/SK) battery supply chain evolving?

The CRU team is always on the road and present in areas critical to the battery value chain. Our team spent time in South Korea and Japan, two countries that are the...

22 March 2024   
Topics: Battery Materials, Lithium, Nickel


Key themes from CRU’s discussions with the Korean battery industry

Topics: Battery Materials, Lithium, Nickel

Spotlight and Blogs

The CRUx of it: the restructuring of the battery supply chain

Topic: Battery Materials