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CRU’s Low-Emissions Hydrogen and Ammonia Service

The need for low-emissions hydrogen and ammonia is expected to accelerate as decarbonisation quickens over the coming decade. Both are set to play a significant role in the energy transition to reduce the emissions of hard-to-abate sectors including steel, fertilizers, aviation, and shipping.

CRU’s Low-Emissions Hydrogen and Ammonia Service offers the full view of emerging markets, leveraging our data, insight, and expertise across major commodity markets and industrial sectors, including the entire batteries and energy storage value chain. Global coverage from on the ground technical experts in key regions including China, Europe, and North America ensures you are kept informed of the latest market trends and developments.

Trust our data-driven, independent perspective to validate and test your internal assumptions and support business decisions and investments. Stay ahead, stay informed, and drive your business forward with confidence.

Key Features of the Low-Emissions Hydrogen and Ammonia Service

  • Independent data, insight, and expertise, with access to analysts.
  • Detailed low-emissions hydrogen and ammonia demand projections across major sectors, with breakouts by country highlighting future demand centres.
  • Scenario-based levelized cost projections, covering 33 countries, with inclusion of the major technology types – green, blue, and grey hydrogen and ammonia.
  • Long-term green ammonia price forecasts for major end-markets, including as a marine fuel, ammonia as a hydrogen carrier, a substitute for grey ammonia and in power generation.
  • Comprehensive data covering the entire low-emissions hydrogen, ammonia, and steel project landscape, accompanied by a shortlist of firm projects.
Our Low-Emissions Hydrogen and Ammonia Service drills into each step of the global supply chain.

Low-Emissions Hydrogen and Ammonia Service Brochure

Discover how CRU’s Low-Emissions Hydrogen and Ammonia Service can enable strategic decision making through our comprehensive data and analysis on these emerging markets.

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"CRU’s insight into low-emissions ammonia and hydrogen is holistic and comprehensive. The insight, data and expertise into metal commodities, green ammonia and hydrogen and global and regional market shifts will help to streamline my strategy and focus on the realistic opportunities in the market". - Global Strategy, Fortescue

Why choose the Low-Emissions Hydrogen and Ammonia Service?

Fertilizer and Ammonia Producers and Distributors

Optimize global strategy for low-emissions hydrogen and ammonia markets with tailored insight.

Enhance your grasp of the low-emissions hydrogen and ammonia market dynamics with our tailored service. Sharpen your company strategy and secure market share with insights into competitive forces, especially within smaller and niche industries. Optimise raw material flows and navigate existing industry arrangements and agreements for streamlined operations. Rely on our independent perspective to validate and test your internal assumptions. Additionally, gain a nuanced understanding a nuanced understanding of China's supply and demand dynamics, fortifying your position in this crucial market.

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Steel and Iron Refiners and Producers

Tailored green expertise and insight to navigate steel decarbonisation challenges head on.

Our expertise in navigating the transition to green hydrogen and ammonia production, powered by renewable energy sources, enables us to anticipate and address potential impacts on steel demand and resource availability. Through in-depth market analysis and capacity forecasting, we can provide strategic guidance on optimising investment decisions and mitigating supply chain risks in the evolving landscape of decarbonisation. Our tailored solutions encompass comprehensive assessments of announced projects, pricing trends, and technological advancements, empowering steel companies to adapt their models effectively and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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Technology Providers

Streamline low-emissions hydrogen and ammonia industry success with precision insights.

Navigate the dynamic landscape of hydrogen and ammonia industries effortlessly with our tailored solutions. Identify new capacity hotspots and key players, optimize raw material flows, and gain insight into industry cost structures for strategic decision-making. Our specialized focus on niche industries ensures a thorough understanding of competitive forces in the market, allowing you to refine company strategy and secure market share. Trust our independent perspective to validate and test your internal assumptions, providing a clear view of the evolving demand. Stay ahead, stay informed, and drive your business forward with confidence.

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Utilities and Hydrogen Providers

Power your progress: Secure ammonia and hydrogen intelligence for optimising investments.

Our service provides in-depth analysis of hydrogen and ammonia demand across sectors, offering insight into market structure, costs, and potential energy partners. We evaluate infrastructure, subsidies, and market impacts, ensuring informed decision-making for future investments. By forecasting demand and pricing, we understand the impact of strategic offtake agreements and can help enhance renewable energy strategies, empowering companies to capitalise on emerging opportunities in hydrogen and ammonia production while optimising long-term investments.

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Fuel your success: Stay ahead with precise hydrogen and ammonia insights and strategic foresight.

Our service provides a comprehensive overview of how fluctuations in ammonia price and supply impact availability, guiding decisions amidst market dynamics. We offer insight into key infrastructure locations and ownership, ensuring strategic positioning in the transition. Stay updated on shipping industry regulations and policies, including emissions standards and compliance requirements, to navigate effectively. With detailed sourcing information and cost analysis, anticipate supply challenges and their impact. Gain clarity on sector-specific usage and competition in end markets, empowering informed strategies for sustained growth.

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Financials and Investors

Drive financial growth with targeted investments in low-emissions hydrogen and ammonia.

We help you to identify the competitive forces in the low-emissions hydrogen and ammonia market, get the full view on company strategy, market share and existing industry agreements. Positioned investments for long-term growth and help determine those that are not worth pursuing. With our solution, you can efficiently manage lending risks and client investments with a deep understanding of project viability. Stay ahead of the low-emissions hydrogen and ammonia industry by identifying growth potential, navigating new markets, and tracking the dynamic landscape.

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Fertilizer Team

  • Chris Lawson | CRU Head of Fertilizers

    Chris Lawson

    Head of Fertilizers New York
  • Alex Amin | CRU Analyst

    Alex Amin

    Analyst London
  • Lewis Walters

    Lewis Walters

    Ammonia Market Editor London
  • Anthony Rizzo

    Agriculture and Fertilizer Analyst Pittsburgh
  • Gavin Ju | CRU Principal Analyst, Nitrogen and Potash

    Gavin Ju

    Principal Analyst, Nitrogen and Potash Beijing