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Glen works in the Phosphates team, analysing the phosphate rock and NPK markets.

Glen joined CRU in 2018 after completing an MSc in Economics at the London School of Economics.

He previously worked as a patent lawyer, specializing in chemical and industrial patents. Prior to that, he worked at the United Nations, working on corporate and technology-related issues.

Articles from our industry expert


The world economy in 2023: What we’ve got right (and wrong) so far

Overview In our November 2022 Global Economic Outlook we looked ahead to 2023 and made ten predictions on what awaited the global economy. Over the course of 2023 H1, the...

12 July 2023   
Topic: Economics


Will European windfarm construction face commodity bottlenecks?

Topics: Aluminium, Copper, Rare Earths, Wire and Cable


What role will natural gas have in European commodity production?

Topics: Aluminium, Coal, Economics, Steel, Sustainability